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Best in Omaha 2013 : Landscape Illuminations
Welcome 2013!


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Best in Omaha 2013 : Landscape Illuminations

We are excited to announce that our sister company, Landscape Illuminations was voted among the Best in Omaha 2013 for Outdoor Lighting! Thank you Omaha for continuing to be a great place to work and for all the support! Looking forward to years of successful lighting partnerships to come!

Welcome 2013!

Here's to a happy and SAFE New years to all! A few electrical safety tips to remember : 
  1. Do not plug portable space heaters into extension cords - always plug them directly into the outlet!
  2. Do not use heaters in wet places!
  3. Remember to inspect all your cords - if it looks worn, it probably is and can cause you major problems if not replaced!